Nickel Brook Gluten-Free ‘Beer’

I am a beer girl, through and through. I love wine, too – red or white, it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s on the dry side – and I’m not one to scoff at a bubbly vodka-soda.

But some occasions call for cold, fizzy, thirst-quenching beer and anything short of it will throw you (me) into a dizzying, downward spiral of disappointment. Because red wine isn’t chilled, white wine isn’t carbonated and mixed drinks disappear after three sips. I’ve tried tricking myself, downing a chilled can of club soda instead of a beer when I enter our non-air-conditioned apartment after a sticky summer walk from the subway station. But my brain’s not fooled: it misses the buzz.

So, but lately, beer and I have been on the outs because it’s been hurting my stomach, twisting my guts into tight, excruciating tangles (see Fireman’s Chair Knot) that strangle any potential for pleasure.

I blame the gluten.

Imagine my delight, then, when I saw Nickel Brook’s Gluten Free alcoholic beverage that “any beer lover will enjoy” – beer lovers who, like me, aren’t quite down with drinking a pint of gluten. In an effort to rekindle my affair with beer, I gave it a whirl.

Made from sorghum, Nickel Brook Gluten-Free is sweeter than beer and less carbonated, although you do get a thin layer of head – like cirrostratus clouds against a tawny sky – on the first pour into a glass. It’s refreshing. The packaging is cute. The price is right. And my guts are still happy after downing an entire can. All in all, I give it an 8 out of 10 and just might make it my new hot-weather go-to.


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