Lessons from a pair of Betsey Johnson pumps

Yesterday I bought suede Betsey Johnson platform pumps.

When I saw them in Betsey’s funky Yorkville store I thought, “OMG I want these in every colour.” I love the texture, the super-chunky heel, the stacked toe.

I knew they were perfect for the dress that I’m wearing to my bridal shower next weekend.

The shoes looked and felt amazing on my feet. They made me happy. Interrupting my bliss, however, was a tiny inner voice that cautioned, “These are really high” and “Are these appropriate for a bridal shower?”

But another voice – a fierce and fabulous voice – said, “You must have these. Now.”

When I asked the salesgirl about the store’s return policy she said, “Final sale.” Gulp. Final sale + my indecisiveness = too many unworn clothes and shoes in my closet.

I took a deep breath and put the shoes on hold. Then I went to every shoe store in Yorkville daring a pump to be more alluring than the sexy Betseys.

When I tried on a conservative version at Capezio that sensible inner voice perked up, “These will do! They’re versatile. Classic. You can wear them with everything!” (That’s also what the salesgirl said).

But my inner voice of fabulous said, ” No way! Boring! You’ll never wear them again! Take them off now!”

And so I kicked off the classically versatile pumps and bolted back to the refreshingly un-“meh” Betsey Johnson store, while my two conflicting inner voices raced to be heard.

When I saw the chunky Betsey heels again it felt like being reunited with a lover I’d feared I’d lost forever. I tried them on again and noticed something different: All I heard was the confident, fabulous inner voice, “They look amazing. Do it. Take the risk.”

That whiny, play-it-safe voice lost her breath somewhere on the sprint back to the Betsey store.

So you see, shopping isn’t always only superficial. I learned a valuable lesson on the granite sidewalks of Bloor Street yesterday: I need to metaphorically buy more Betsey Johnson shoes. I need to take risks and trust that inner voice that knows exactly what she wants – in all areas of my life.


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