Essie’s “Poppy Razzi” Spring Collection

I still remember my first manicure. I was 10 years old and my mother took me to a salon on Wyandotte Street in Windsor on one of her weekly Saturday visits.

“How much is a child’s manicure?” she asked the receptionist, whose manicure was mesmerizing: Each fingernail depicted a Hawaiian sunset with a palm tree in the foreground.

“Seventeen dollars,” she answered.

“Choose a colour,” my mom said and steered me toward the rainbow of shades that lined one wall of the salon. Seventeen bucks is a lot of money to a 10-year-old and I was surprised she was willing to fund such an ephemeral indulgence. I chose a totally age-inappropriate tango red and left the salon positive that I was the most glam kid on the block.

And so began my love of manicures, an inexpensive and fat-free treat. I still love getting my nails done and often buy bottles of my favorite shades so that I can paint them myself at home.

I attended a preview of the 2012 Essie collections in March and fell in love with the eye-catching neon polishes in the “Poppy Razzi” collection. (I was also smitten with Essie Weingarten, the brand’s elegant, silver-haired president and founder.) The candy-pink “Lights” (above) is my favourite (not sure I’m ready to revisit my grade 8 devotion to neon orange fingernails) and I can’t wait to ring in the summer with spotlight-nabbing nails.





3 thoughts on “Essie’s “Poppy Razzi” Spring Collection

  1. They also make a spray to help it dry fast and effectively. So no smuges. Or do it yourself at night, bedfore bed, put vaseline over them and sleep away while they dry. Vaseline helps against smudging to. Go Team Kate!

  2. They make a spray to prevent smudges and help it dry. If doing yourself, before bed, do your nails, let dry for a few min’s than put vaseline over them. Helps prevent smudges and you can go to dreamy or sexy land. Voila! Go Team Kate!

    • I didn’t know they made that! I’ll have to check it out. My manicures never last as long when I do them myself, so maybe that would help. Thanks for the tip 🙂

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