Open Kitchen Shelving

Y’know those apartments that are spacious, located in the heart of a hip neighbourhood, have hardwood floors and tons of natural light, plus a cheap rental rate?

That’s the type of place Dave and I live in and it’s great. We love it. We’d raise a family here if it didn’t mean that our children would sleep in an uninsulated office off the kitchen. Not exactly ideal conditions for a kid’s bedroom.

Which brings me to our humble dwelling’s only downside: the kitchen. While the room itself is large, its skimpy cupboard space is proving to be a challenge.

Our kitchen is stocked with gizmos and gadgets, thanks to generous shower and wedding gifts from family and friends; we could host an episode of Hell’s Kitchen, no problem. But the room, overrun with small appliances, serving platters and bakeware, is in desperate need of reorganization.

The solution, I’ve come to realize, is open shelving: Pull the brand spankin’ new set of white dining dishes from the shelves that are concealed behind cupboards and display them on open shelving. Then, stash the incredibly useful, but not so pretty, devices (blender, rice cooker, etc.) out of sight in the cupboards.

If it works for folks on Apartment Therapy, it can work for us. Ikea, here we come!


2 thoughts on “Open Kitchen Shelving

  1. If that is your photo in the middle one, it still looks wonderful! Love the window. You must be in a click crowd for living pricing! Oh-La-La! C’est Magnifique. Now when you have cooked, enjoyed, and are chill-laxing from using your wonderful new upgraded la Cuisine, than you go to bed. That way the magic fairy and butler come out and clean everything, as you are under sand dust. Go Team Kate!

    • We’ve got a system going: the cook never cleans. So sometimes Dave is my magic fairy and sometimes I’m his, depending on whose in charge of dinner that night. I love the cooking part way better!

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