Happiness is a Warm Hot Fudge Sundae

I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas. When people lament that a double-chocolate cheese is “too rich,” I disagree and say, “It’s just right” and resist the temptation to ask if they’re going to finish theirs. I believe that ice cream solves all problems and that dessert should be enjoyed after every meal, including breakfast.

My sweet tooth had a heyday on a recent trip to Windsor when we had dinner at the renowned Tunnel BBQ. The downtown restaurant is (or at least was) famous for its ribs, and their in-house tomato-based bbq sauce is divine; I grew up on the stuff and we still stock up on it every time we’re in town. But, my favorite part of the place, aside from the fact that its retro decor makes you believe you’ve mastered time travel, is their ginormous, no-holds-bar desserts.

I mean, look at that thing! It’s like heaven, if heaven were made of whipped cream, French vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce and a maraschino cherry. Sometimes in high school, friends and I would go to TBQ and literally eat dessert for dinner. Those glory days are long gone (rejoice, hips!), but I have to say it was nothing short of blissful to indulge in such decadence as an adult, proving that it takes little to make me happy.


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