Tuesday Farmers Market At Trinity Bellwoods Park

Almost every Tuesday in spring, Dave stops at the farmers market in Trinity Bellwoods Park after work and brings home fresh raspberries, whole trouts (eyes and all) and the best red leaf lettuce we’ve ever tasted.

Tonight on my walk home from work, I was pleasantly surprised to see the familiar booths of preserves, baked goods and produce set up in the west end of the park. My brain did cartwheels and was like, “Yay!” because I didn’t realize it was back in operation (this was their second week). When I changed jobs (and offices) in January, it didn’t occur to me that crossing paths with the market on my way home would be an added perk.

I bought a loaf of olive bread and splurged on a $5 bunch of asparagus because it would’ve felt sinful not to buy it considering it’s in season. We grilled the asparagus and threw it into a big salad with barbecued chicken, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, scallions, tarragon (and lettuce) and served rustic-y hunks of olive bread on the side for our dinner. Doesn’t get much tastier or easier than that.

I think Tuesday just became my new favorite day of the week.


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