J. Crew Coming To The Eaton Centre

There are pros and cons to working close to the Eaton Centre.

Pro: I can pop in on my lunch hour and pick up a birthday card, new sandals or tasty takeout from the Urban Eatery food court. Con: Seeing lots of fun clothes, shoes and accessories that make my heart flutter and exercising thriftiness despite the overwhelming urge to spend money now.

I’ll need to put my inner frugalista on an intense training program to prepare her for the marathon of restraint she’ll have to endure once J. Crew opens at the Eaton Centre (where Bebe used to be on the top floor). I love the retailer’s prepster aesthetic and their affinity for stripes and cashmere. The brand jives with my champagne taste, but not, sadly, with my Fuzion budget.


1 thought on “J. Crew Coming To The Eaton Centre

  1. You do have quite the relationship with your feet and shoes through the seasons. You talk about them a lot, and how the get wet, ruffle through daisies, hurt, painted toes. Huh, I wonder what Freud would say about this. 😉

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