I Want Nicole Richie’s ‘Do

I’m getting my hair cut and colored on Saturday and I’m loving Nicole Richie’s heavy bangs and long, choppy bob. I’ve been wearing my hair the same way for two years now – middle part, long layers – and it feels as inspiring as soggy tofu.

I’ve had full fringe before with mixed results. The first time I went for it, I was living in Windsor after university and loved what the stylist did: I felt I had a little ’70s glam thing going on and strangers often asked where I got my hair done.

The second time was more harrowing than Halston. I went to Aveda’s training salon in Toronto where you can get cheaper cuts from their students and asked for long bangs. It was an inspired choice of salon because I was between jobs and trying to save what pennies I had, but unfortunately, I left the place looking like Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder (see below).

I kind of can’t believe I’m posting this photo here – that haircut still haunts me – but it’s a good illustration of the vast gap that can exist between a “vision” and reality. If I had known I would end up with bangs like that, I would’ve saved the cash I spent at Aveda and cut my own hair.

Anyway, I know that I need to change things up re: my locks and I trust that the stylist I go to now won’t leave me with goofy-looking fringe. I’ll have to consult him about it but as of right now, I’m thinking why the hell not? It’s only hair, right?


1 thought on “I Want Nicole Richie’s ‘Do

  1. Soggy tofu, I am trying to imagine that kind of taste. If one can actually get tofu to be soggy, I would hope that would inspire a chef to turn that into a fantastic dish. What you must dream and think of to get this imagines Ms Love Write Now 😉 You have boldly gone, posting that photo. I wonder where that person is who gave you that hair cut now. I say in the right hands that cut, that N.R. do is for you. Take that photo to the stylist, take the other photo with the not great cut as well. Show them the two. What you want, and what you don’t want. There are still some student cut places that are great. It depends on the actually person who is doing the cutting. I shall know not to go to the one you mentioned. Have Fun Lassie!

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