My Geek-Chic Glasses

Wearing glasses is kind of a drag. I mean, they’re wonderful, really, the way they bring the watery world around me into focus and help me trip less and I know there are many people with worse vision problems than me who don’t have corrective lenses. It’s just I would prefer not to wear them.

However, contacts make my eyes mad itchy and I can’t afford to get 20/20 vision via lasers at the moment, which leaves me with two options: walk around the city nearly blind or wear the damn glasses.

Wearing the damn glasses has been better since I got some stylish, geek-chic Dita frames last fall. I wear them to work every day and I feel more confident wearing specs that reflect my personal style and are both modern and retro. (That’s the truth, even though it sounds like an oxymoron.)

I love Jenna Lyons, the prepster genius behind J. Crew, and the way she rocks her statement glasses: she owns the look and knows that chunky frames and glitter are a total fashion do.


2 thoughts on “My Geek-Chic Glasses

  1. I love Jenna Lyons and your glasses are adorable. This is my first time reading your blog & I love it! Visit/ follow me here:

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