Footage From Awesome Free Concert In Trinity Bellwoods Park

Last night, I walked home through Trinity Bellwoods Park after having dinner at a friend’s house and stumbled across the talented musicians in The Stone Sparrows jamming in the north end of the park.

I could hear music as I approached Dundas. Folksy stuff with acoustic guitars, a violin and a powerful female voice. So, I followed the harmonious sound until I discovered its source: a band, a really awesome band, performing for a few audience members who sat on the grass in front of them or on benches across the path.

I stood and listened for a few minutes and felt glad for all of it: the beautiful early-summer night, the intoxicating effect of hearing live music and the happenstance of the whole thing. I caught them just in time, too. As soon they finished the song in the video, they packed up and called it a night.

Here is a very dark and brief clip of the performance.

And now I have to go buy their album on iTunes.


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