Blueberry Pie Parfaits With Almond Streusel & White Chocolate Lemon Cream

I have to say that this dessert didn’t exactly thrill me when I saw the photo in the latest issue of Fine Cooking. I’m more of a chocolate gal and, although I’ve never made a deconstructed blueberry pie, there was something “been there, done that” about it.

But on my sixth flip-through of the magazine, I realized that it called for thyme in the almond streusel (intriguing) and white chocolate in the whipped cream topping (amazing!). Further reading revealed that it’s a creation from the pastry chef at Clyde Common, a Portland hotspot that I researched for the summer issue of our magazine.

A couple Saturdays ago, I felt inspired to tackle this updated blueberry pie to bring to a friend’s barbecue that evening. You basically make it three parts: bake the struesel until it’s golden brown; simmer the sweet filling in a skillet until it thickens; pour warm whipping cream over the white chocolate to melt it; once cooled, whip the white chocolate and lemon cream until stiff.

When the three parts are complete, assemble it all in a glass: two layers of streusel and filling, top it off with the cream and garnish with chopped bits of white chocolate. (Are you drooling yet?!) The recipe suggests serving it in parfait glasses, but we don’t have those (neither did CB2), so I substituted with stemless wine glasses.

The results were cute and insanely delicious. It’s very rich (not surprising, considering the amount of butter in the recipe), but it’s totally worth the calories in my humble opinion. The white chocolate whipped cream was better than I imagined (and I imagined something heavenly) and the trace of lemon was a subtle break from the sweet. Overall rating: Yum yum!


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