Top 5 Reasons Why My Mom Rocks

It’s my beautiful mother’s birthday today, so I thought I’d honour the occasion with a post highlighting her awesomeness. Obviously, there are a gajillion things that I love about the amazing woman who brought me into this world, fed me and changed my diapers and didn’t give up on me during those awkward teenage years, but since this is a blog entry and not an eighteenth century novel, I’ll stick with my top 5 favourites.

1. Her Heart: My mom has this crazy-gigantic heart that radiates love for those around her. She will literally do anything to make her friends and family happy.

2. Her Dance Moves: When my mom gets really excited about something, she expresses her joy through the ancient art of dance. She’s invented a couple of sweet moves and I’ve coined my favourite Kathie-original, “The Windmill.” If you’re bored and want to try something new, you can give it whirl, like so (it’s actually really fun!):

  • Step 1: Place feet shoulder-width apart and bend knees into a squat
  • Step 2: Place hands above your head
  • Step 3: Bring inner thighs and knees toward each other and then back out in quick succession, while simultaneously swinging your arms in circles above your head.
  • Optional sound effects: Utter a short, enthusiastic “Whoo!” when wrists come together on upward swing.

3. Her Warrior Spirit: She may not carry a sword or slay dragons, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a brave warrior. And here’s why: her fierce determination to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. She was devastated after my dad died, but that didn’t stop her from taking up running in her mid-forties, or completing a half-marathon in her fifties, or moving to Toronto to start a new life and career, or finding her prince (after way too many frogs!) and marrying him at age 60. She is proof that dedication, discipline and sheer will go a long way.

4. Her Laugh: My mom has a fabulous sense of humour and when she finds something hilarious, she howls with laughter and it’s pretty much the best sound ever. Her laughter is so genuine and hearty that it’s contagious and you can’t help but join in with some guffaws of your own.

5. Her Endless Support & Faith In Us: My mom always encouraged my brother, Colin, and I to pursue our passions and did whatever she could to help us achieve our dreams. When I said I wanted to go Queen’s University to study English literature, she didn’t lament having to make the 6 hour drive from Windsor to Kingston and back three times a year. When I wanted to move to Toronto she didn’t kiss me good bye and wish me luck moving all of my crap. No, she rented a U-Haul and drove it up the 401, her knuckles white as a wedding gown as she gripped the steering wheel and maneuvered the truck through heavy traffic.

Happy Birthday, Mom! I am eternally grateful for your love, support, humour, kindness, generosity and impeccable highway driving.


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