Floating Hearts Blouse

Last week, I spent over an hour in the Eaton Centre looking for new summer duds and didn’t see a single thing that I wanted to buy, aside from a pair of Michael Kors wedges that are obviously not in my budget.

After waiting in line for the fitting rooms for what felt like an eon at a store whose name looks like a swear word if you read it quickly, a salesgirl with a vacant look on her face led to me to a change room and muttered something about her given name. Within two seconds, it was obvious that the only way to get the skirt I chose over my hips would be to cut it open and add a foot of fabric. All that waiting. And for nothing!

Disgruntled and feeling weird about my hips, I gave up on my mission to round out my summer wardrobe mall-styles and headed west on Queen Street to see if Girl Friday had any irresistible offerings.

I stepped into the boutique and immediately spotted five things I loved: cropped mint green Yoga jeans, an orange polka dot skirt, floral print cigarette pants, a chiffon blouse with a necktie and a darling floating hearts blouse (pictured above).

I tried everything on and bought the skirt, the chiffon blouse and the blouse with the hearts on it. Because sometimes it’s not enough to wear just one heart on your sleeve; sometimes you have to wear a whole bunch of hearts all over your torso.

The two girls working at Girl Friday were friendly and helpful, the clothing is cute and affordable and overall it was such a pleasant shopping experience that I might have to bypass the mall forever.*

*This will likely never happen, but it felt like an appropriately dramatic finish.


3 thoughts on “Floating Hearts Blouse

  1. I love yoga jeans! In mint green too. Those sound very cute! I haven’t been to Girl Friday in ages but have usually had a great shopping experience there.

    • Yoga jeans are the best! I have them in black and basically lived in them this winter. The mint ones are adorable, but I can’t justify spending money on pants in this heat. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. This is strange, I came across a picture of your hair on google I think, looking for full fringe styles – and really liked it so I’ve bookmarked this page. Carried on looking and came across a picture of Nicole Richie’s full fringe, liked it and saved it. Came back to your blog and thought “going to have a little read of this” scrolled down a few posts and the picture you have posted of Nicole Richie saying that’s what your trying to get your hair like is the same Nicole Richie picture I liked earlier!
    Thought that was strange and as well thought I’d let you know that you hair must be getting there as those two (yours and the Nicole Richie picture) were the only two pictures I really liked and saved!

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