Watermelon-Inspired Mani

Last Sunday I devoted three hours of my evening to watching the epic finale of The Bachelorette.

Since your mind will literally turn to soup if you watch that many¬†uninterrupted hours of one woman’s quest to find true love on TV (in the end Emily found it and accepted a marriage proposal from her top pick, Jef Holm) I multi-tasked while tuning in.

But after vacuuming the entire apartment, catching up on emails and drafting a solution to end world hunger, I was a little… bored. And there was still an hour of The Bachelorette to go.

I opened my nail polish drawer and, looking down at an array of dark, neon and pastel Essie bottles, a minty green (“It’s a Shore Thing”) and hot pink (“Lights”) stood out to me.

“Watermelon!” I thought. As Emily and Jef professed their love for each other to Bachelorette host, Chris Harrison, a live studio audience and home viewers like me, I painted my nails with a summery, watermelon-inspired mani.

What nail polish colors do you love right now?


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