Bursting With Holiday Cheer

champersI am overflowing with holiday cheer. My belly is as jolly as old St. Nick’s, and my cheekbones are escaping winter’s chill by hibernating deep below the surface. Burst seams are to be expected when “celebrating” is synonymous with overindulging on nippy cheddar, Zinfandel and hot turkey sandwiches. It happens every year, this holiday plump, and I guess growing round and soft like a cheese ball over Christmas makes my New Year’s resolution obvious. And I’m up for the challenge! Just let me finish this creamy coffee and homemade biscotti first.

It’s the end of the calendar year, and that song from Rent drifts into my brain like snow blowing across an open country road: “Seasons of Love.” The song asks, How do you measure a year? I’m not sure how to measure the last 366 days (this was a Leap Year, don’t forget), but some highlights included starting a new position in January (having a job that I love has changed my life); turning 30 (gasp! It’s actually not so terrifying); and marrying Dave, my best friend, in April (the best thing I’ve ever done). I think I’ll measure 2012 by the number of champagne bottles we uncorked — proof that it was a standout year with lots to celebrate.

As I prepare to spend New Year’s Eve with some of my favourite people, I am also bursting with love for the friends and family that make life beautiful, the loved ones who have been there through the ups and downs of the 2012 and the years before that, too. So, here’s to amazing family and friends, to a new year full of bubbly-worthy occasions and, of course, to elasticized waistbands.

Happy New Year!


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